Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Book Review:: The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow (S-Impact Book 1) Kindle Edition by D.B. McDowell (Author)

A Book Review:: 

The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow (S-Impact Book 1) Kindle Edition by D.B. McDowell (Author)


Book description: As Seeker 13, Alycia Saldevia is committed to her job fighting the seijin—an elemental race that decimated the surface of Vantros nearly 175 circuits ago. Since she was a child, Alycia dreamed of fighting back against the monsters that drove humanity underground. But her dreams are shattered when she makes a horrifying discovery. 

In the great tradition of  Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow takes you on an epic Dystopian adventure where nothing is as it seems, friends are enemies are friends, and the entire world unravels by the triumphant tragic end. 

At times a bit darker than my normal tastes would have allowed, a book full of this much loss somehow still manages to leave you feeling full of hope for tomorrow as each page turns.

The author, D.B. McDowell, does a marvelous job pulling the thread of the tapestry as it unravels through tragedy after tragedy, while weaving beneath the pages an end you don't expect.

There were two scenes in my mind that would make this a PG-13 read, not for younger audiences. IF this were a movie it might be rated higher, but the author does a good job of giving you enough, but not too much.

I typically like to give the good and the bad, but honestly... this was an amazing read. One of the best stories I've read in a very long time. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for free with a request to review the book. The review is my open and honest opinion. Buy it on Amazon (Affiliate Link Here)


By Darrell Wolfe

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tiff’s Treat – Warm Cookie Delivery

Tiff’s Treat – Warm @ is AMAZING!

  • 114 E John Carpenter Frwy Irving, TX 75062
  • Phone number(972) 889-7700
  • Yelp HERE

You know that smell of freshly baked cookies? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Several times in the past few weeks, my co-worker has had that smell emanating from her desk. Kindly, she's offered me a cookie.

It was warm, soft, breaks just right (not too hard, or too soft). It was literally the perfect cookie.

Seeing as Chocolate Chip cookies are quite literally in my top ten favorite things to eat.. I was in heaven for a few moments of an otherwise stressful day.

Come to to find out... this is a delivery service, not just something she brought from home.

You can order freshly made, still warm cookies to be delivered to your door (if you are in delivery range).

Their menu (here) includes more than just cookies. They also do Ice Cream, Brownies, and other deserts.

They have several delivery areas (here).

Needless to say... the creator of this business was a genius!

Great job Tiff's Treats!


By Darrell Wolfe

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

You're never too old for @ChuckECheese in #GrapevineTX!

You're never too old for @ChuckECheese in #GrapevineTX!
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#Artichoke in Bloom in #FortWorth

#Artichoke in Bloom in #FortWorth

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#Kincaid's Hamburgers, Southlake

#DrPepper sign @Kincaids Southlake Texas

Kincaid's Hamburgers is easily in my top 20 Burger Joints of all time...

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Youth Baseball: YMCA - A great place to start

So my wife has wanted to get the kids into sports for a long time now, but it can be quite cost prohibitive, and time consuming. This is especially true when you just want to try it out, have some fun, and see if you even like it.

Where to turn?

We found an answer at the YMCA:
YMCA SportsThe YMCA Youth Sports philosophy is to allow kids to participate in a noncompetitive program with an emphasis on fun, development of character, and fair play.  

The season is short (time commitment solved), the cost is low ($55-$70 for several months play). My youngest has started first with baseball, he joined team 13, got a team color of Orange. Each team was assigned names after real league teams, so we were the Astros (who are actually doing quite well this year).

So how have they been doing? Well... I just keep thinking of the Sandlot kids. But they are having fun, and I think my youngest (and a few others) have a real knack for this kind of thing.

My oldest starts flag football in a few weeks... so more driving and practices are to come.

This has been a great experience, especially for someone like myself who isn't a big sports fan.

If you are looking for a place to have your kids play just for fun, or to get started cheap and easy, the YMCA might be your place!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Priceline (Internet Travel Service)

Priceline (Internet Travel Service)

Can be written at:

Executive Services LLC
800 Connecticut Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06854

Welll... I dedicated to myself that I would give the good the bad and the other. Let me tell you about Priceline. First of all, I have a general principal I have found to be overwhelmingly true. The more a company spends on advertising, the worse they customer service must be. If the only place I've heard of you is commercials... it's because my friends haven't used you and raved about you. This one is no exception. Sorry William Shatner, this company is a bust.

My mom comes into town. She is leaving tomorrow for Chicago, and she booked a hotel there through Priceline.

The price of the hotel is the same as it would have been if she booked it through the hotel directly ( she uses this hotel often). Plans changed, she decided to not stay in Chicago, but drive directly down to Pontiac, IL instead.

She called well over 24 hours in advance (usual industry standard) to cancel the hotel reservation. She was informed that the reservation was booked through a web provider so they couldn't cancel it, she'd have to call them. But they couldn't even see which web provider booked it.

She went through emails and found out it was Priceline. She called them to get told that they had a no cancellation policy, and they would be charging a $100 cancellation fee. Escalated twice, still same answer.

  • That will be disputed with the Credit Card Company. 
  • This entire family will never use Priceline to book anything.
  • I found the Yelp entry for Priceline (74 reviews with a ONE star rating... that's bad averages). 


DO NOT use Priceline. In fact, do not book anything through any of these services. Develop a relationship with a favorite (hotel, airline, etc) and build that relationship and points with them.

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